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Like all other card games, Casino involves a huge amount of luck which leads to its classification as a gambling activity. Luck associated with the game leads to social stigma and a societal disproval at least, for the lower and middle classes. However, the only difference between casino and other card games is that it requires skill in addition to luck. Sometimes, it is also seen that players who are more talented score over the ones with better cards. The critical elements of the game include complex strategies, probability and the capability of hiding the emotion behind the cards leading to the phrase ‘casino face.’  3win2u Thai

Playing the game online:

The player can assess his or her playing skills based on past games. One can easily change the tactics and bend their strategies to win a game. Therefore, every game is a fresh start. On the other hand, the opponent can also understand the behavior of the player and work out accordingly. While playing the game, it is really important to look straight into the participant’s eyes to gauge the next possible move. The aspect of the physical presence of the participants and their interactions make it a worthy experience which people of today’s day and age are moving away from. Today’s digital games do not allow knowing a person’s behavior and the extraordinary thrill of winning a game.

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Most common types of bets:

  • Parlays: – Parlays consist of multiple bets in which bettors win only if all bets in parlay win. Parlay comes with at least two bets. Parlay is considered to be appealing to bettors because there the risk factor is low than other bets. 
  • Teasers:- It is a parlay which provides the bettors with an advantage of positive pay-out if they are successful. 

To play or not to play

The culture of the game remains inside closed walls in India and not much uplifted. Whenever children and youth are found playing cards, it is looked down upon by their parents or the society in general. Betting on cards is seriously taken into account as a demeaning act. Despite all these facts, people play cards and not necessarily betting on them rather simply enjoying the thrill of the game over coffee or beer. The point is gambling should be demeaned for various reasons in the Indian context where there are largescale poverty and a vast middle class who might get badly affected by losing in the game, unlike the West, where the situation is different. 

East or West: the dilemma

In a country like India, where poverty and social stigmas go hand in hand, the game is slowly gaining a fair share of popularity. The present generation is slowly getting around the idea of gambling and has started taking it as just another thrilling game. When a country which is trying hard to westernize itself (though not in terms of the economy, which is required), this is something which is giving the millennials a feeling of westernization.    

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